Homework is a word that can cause worry and anxiety and we know that while many of you feel your children get too much, others feel you would like more! This was very apparent from the Parent Survey carried out in July 2012.

Our homework policy, particularly the suggested timings, follows the guidance that was given by the Department for Education and the purpose changes as the children become older.

The purpose of homework at Long Wittenham School is as follows:
• to develop an effective partnership between the school and parents and other carers in pursuing the aims of the school. This is also, of course, the purpose of our home school agreement
• consolidating and reinforcing skills and understanding, particularly in literacy and numeracy
• exploiting resources for learning, of all kinds, at home
• extending school learning, for example through additional reading; and encouraging pupils as they get older to develop the confidence and self discipline needed to study on their own, and preparing them for the requirements of secondary school.

As children get older, homework provides an opportunity for children to develop the skills of independent learning, and this increasingly becomes its main purpose.

Below is a rough indication of the amount of time that each year group will be asked to spend doing homework across an average week, but how that is organised is up to parents as we know that many of our children are tired when they get home or they lead busy lives with many other exciting opportunities. It is intended that the homework supports and consolidates the teaching and learning taking place in school and should not become a painful task for the children or parents! For example, regular reading with children should be a pleasurable activity enjoyed by all and may only be 10 minutes a day. Please encourage pupils and praise them when they have completed homework.

Years 1 and 2     1 hour/week  Reading, spellings, other literacy work and number work
Years 3 and 4     1.5 hours/week  Literacy and numeracy as for Years 1 and 2 with occasional assignments in other subjects
Years 5 and 6     2.5 hours/week regular weekly schedule with continued emphasis on literacy and numeracy but also ranging widely over the curriculum

We encourage parents, as far as possible, to become actively involved in joint homework activities with children. However, it is essential that the completed work reflects the views and abilities of the child and not the parent. To help them in this a class teacher is always available for consultation.
There are always opportunities for older pupils to do homework, at school at “Homework Club” on Tuesday lunchtimes. A teacher will be available for consultation on any difficulties they may be experiencing.
We review our policies including Homework. We welcome your ideas and will of course keep you informed should policies change.