Collective Worship and our links with St Mary's Church

Compassion              Resilience                Trust


Our Light the Candle Group is the name of the children who take responsibility for helping to organise and run Collective Worship in our school.  They meet to plan their input into the daily act of Collective Worship and assist in the smooth running of our times of reflection.

Our Collective Worship takes place each day and we base all of our worship around our core Christian values which are compassion, resilience and trust.  These values underpin all that we do at Long Wittenham and we refer to them as much as possible during our school day.

Each Thursday Reverend Michael Lakey leads our collective worship where he shares bible stories with us that are linked to the theme of the week or term.

Celebration Worship takes place every Friday and we celebrate those children who have demonstrated an excellent Growth Mind Set as Superstars of the Week, as well as those who have shown true commitment to our values in gathering leaves on their branch reward cards.  All of the leaves are placed on our celebration tree in the main corridor of school where we can watch it fill with examples of excellence throughout the school year.

St Mary's Church sits very close to Long Wittenham Primary School and we attend services there to celebrate Harvest, Remembrance Day, Advent. Christmas, Easter and we hold our Leaver's Service there too.

Remembrance is a very special service for us which has a very strong tradition in our school.  Each year we gather outside our school gate at the war memorial.  Long Wittenham village lost many members of its community during the first and second world wars .  Our year 6 children read out the names of those fallen during the wars to celebrate their lives and the sacrifices they made for the futures of us all.

Reverend Michael and Ms Mountain work closely together to ensure that the services are child-initiated and led, and attended by families within and close to the village community.