Health, Welfare and Safeguarding

We take the Health, Safety and well being of all our children, staff and visitors very seriously.

A number of policies and procedures assist with this.

Collection from School At the End of the Day

If someone other than the child's parent or guardian is to collect them, please make sure we know. This can be a phone call or email to the school office. Children will not be able to leave with someone that we don't know or expect! Please inform us if older children are given permission to walk home by themselves.

If no parent or guardian arrives to collect a child we have a procedure we are required to follow which includes contacting parents and taking care of the child. Often friends may offer to help and look after the child, but we are unable to allow the children to leave with other adults unless the child's parent or guardian gives permission.

Lunch and Snacks

Children may order a school lunch (provided by Oxfordshire County Council), lunch cost £2.20 for Key Stage 2 pupils and are free of charge for Key Stage 1 and Reception pupils.  Alternatively children may bring in a healthy packed lunch (no chocolate or fizzy drinks). 


Only prescribed medicines can be administered. Calpol, paracetamol, cough linctus etc will not be given unless prescribed by a doctor.

Children who use inhalers must have their name on their inhaler (and spacer if one is used). Older pupils should have 2 inhalers in school, one which they keep with them and a spare that is stored in school.

Medicines must be sent into school in the original packaging with the child's name printed on the label. A Medication Form (available from the School Office) must be completed by the parent or guardian and handed in with the medicine clearly showing the dosage and timing. Please consider if it is essential for your child to have their medicine in school. For example if it is required 3 times a day, giving it before and after school as well as bedtime may work better.

First Aid

All staff are trained in basic First Aid and there are First Aid kits in school and taken on trips. If First Aid is administered, parents are informed and there is a 'Bumped head letter' for any child sustaining a head injury. In the event of a serious injury, the emergency services and parents would be contacted.


While we encourage attendance, if children are unwell they should remain at home, In the case of vomiting or diarrohea, children must not return to school until 48 hours from their last bout of sickness. If children become unwell while at school, parents may be contacted to collect their child.


Please make sure we are aware of any allergies your child may have.


All visitors are expected to report to the school office. Visitors must sign in and are given an ID label. Strangers in school will be challenged. Contractors and other workers also sign in.

Child Protection and Safeguarding

All staff and regular volunteers are DBS checked ( Disclosure and Barring Service which replaces the 'CRB' and ISA). Photographic proof of identity is also required.

Volunteers do not work alone with individual children in closed spaces in school or give assistance with, for example, toiletting or first aid.