English (Literacy)

Speaking and Listening

Language is a vital part of every school and home activity. We encourage children to learn to be part of a group, both to listen and to communicate. They achieve this through a variety of different tasks depending on their age. Children learn to talk freely and exchange ideas through their activities and experience, in play and work. Every child must feel valued for the contribution he or she makes.


When teaching the skills required to read, we also emphasise enjoyment. Children are encouraged to take books home – library, reading scheme and choice books. In Key Stage 1 we use the Jolly Phonics reading scheme. We encourage children to read confidently and independently. As they develop, children will increase in their ability to read lengthy and challenging texts. They will reflect on the meaning of texts, analysing and discussing them with others. Guidance about reading is available from your child’s class teacher, the school office and from the web site.


In the early years our intention is for pupils to start to enjoy writing and see the value of it. As they progress, they will learn the main rules and conventions of written English and start to explore how the English language can be used to express meaning in different ways. As with reading they will explore and use different genres in a purposeful way. They will also use the planning, editing and drafting process to improve their work. They will also be taught how to write legibly in both joined and printed styles with increasing fluency and speed and to use the rules of grammar.