Ofsted Report February 2019

11th February 2019

Dear Families,

Please find the link to our our latest Ofsted report following our inspection on 22nd and 23rd January 2019.  This report highlights the many strengths of our school as well as areas for development.

Since the last full 2-day inspection in February 2014, this is an entirely different school and the criteria under which we have recently been assessed also very different and far more rigorous than ever before. 

Having become Head here in 2016, our school has seen vast changes, all of which have been entirely necessary to improve outcomes for our pupils.  We have experienced 100% turnover in teaching staff and 40% turnover in support staff which inevitably brings challenges in embedding our ethos and vision.  We are now finally in a place to drive change and ensure that all staff strive for excellence in all that they do. 

We are very proud that our inspection report highlights the following strengths:

·        Our parents are highly appreciative of the care their children receive – thank you!

·        We now have a rigorous and robust assessment process in place for all year groups, which shows us exactly which starting points we need to teach from for each and every child.  This is also being used to scrutinise progress for all of our pupil groups (Pupil Premium, Free School Meals, Special Educational Needs etc.)

·        We now have a great team in place to drive forward the changes already underway.

·        Our processes and procedures for monitoring teachers’ performance are robust and effective

·        Our school improvement planning is accurate and effective

·        We have requested 2 audits of safeguarding since September 2016,  both of which were graded as ‘good’ with many aspects of ‘outstanding’

·        Governance is highly supportive, skilled and very well-informed

·        We are making, and have made, excellent progress in maths, particularly in years 2 and 6 so far this year.  This was a particular focus of ours following historical data issues.  The models and images we are using is securing this progress and enriching the teaching and learning of maths hugely.

·        The Inspector, the Local Authority and our System Leaders all have confidence in our Senior Leadership Team and Governors.  They fully recognise that we know what we are doing, how to further drive change and how to consolidate the best practice we already have in school.

Of course, the most important people in all of this inspection are the children.  I am immensely proud of the way that our children behaved throughout this inspection, which was exactly the same as always.  They were so welcoming and articulate in their meeting with the Inspector who commented on their politeness and extremely warm way in which they described how we all support all of them and how they support one another, particularly those children who may experience difficulties from time to time.

I am sure you will share with me the pride we have in our overall judgement of EYFS (Owls Class).  Mrs Rowley and Mrs Heffernan have worked tirelessly to implement huge change in this class and this is celebrated in our overall grading of ‘good’ for EYFS.  During a recent review of Early Years, Mrs Rowley was told there wasn’t much more to do to achieve ‘outstanding’ so she is well on her way to implementing those next steps.

Unfortunately for us, change in schools takes time and this was always of short supply within the time frame leading up to our next full 2-day inspection.  Our overall judgement feels very raw at the moment after the huge amount of dedication and sheer hard work this team puts into our school.  However, we must focus on all of the positives in this report: in our opinion this does not read like a school in Requires Improvement, but a school in the middle of a long and extremely focused journey routed in a commitment to strive for rapid, accelerated and sustained progress for all of our pupils, no matter what their needs.  To that end, the Governors and I would like to invite you all to a Parents Evening in the school hall this coming Tuesday (12th February 2019) from 6pm – 7pm where we can share our next steps and answer any questions you may have.  Present at the meeting will be our Senior Leadership Team, Governors and our Diocesan Link Advisor Karen Metcalf.

The Senior Leadership Team and I would like to thank you all for your continued support and collaboration and hope to see you next Tuesday evening.

Warmest wishes,


Alison Bellingham



Please find our latest Ofsted report from 22nd - 23rd January 2019.  This can also be found on our Ofsted link page from Thursday 14th February 2019.