Our Ethos and Values

We believe children learn best in an environment where they can develop a sense of responsibility enabling them to take pride in their achievements. Endeavour is prized and children are encouraged to have a positive attitude towards life and learning. We aim to help each child

  • to develop confidence, independence and personal motivation to learn
  • to settle down happily at school
  • to be increasingly aware and interested in the world around him/her
  • to be thoughtful and considerate to others and show respect for property (their own and others')
  • to develop spiritual and moral values - honesty, integrity and good judgement
  • to develop the language skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing to the best of his/her ability.
  • to learn by practical experience, a basic understanding of mathematical concepts and skills so that a sure foundation is laid for future mathematical development
  • to experience opportunities for problem solving and scientific discovery
  • to enjoy a wide variety of aesthetic and physical activities - music, drama, PE, art, craft, cookery, etc.
  • to aspire to his/her individual potential and develop a sense of personal worth
  • to develop positive attitudes to learning and life in general
  • to develop skills relevant to our technological society

We are very proud of our links with St Mary's church in the village and attend services there for Advent, Christmas, Easter and Lent.  We also hold our carol- and leavers services there.

Reverend Michael Lakey takes collective worship in schools every Thursday and is very active in our school community.