Pupil Premium and PE Premium

Pupil Premium

The Government gives an additional amount of money to schools according to certain “deprivation” criteria. This money is intended to support these children in activities that will enhance their learning.

Within our partnership, we use this money in a variety of ways depending on the individual needs of each child. For example: interventions, after school sports or club fees, counselling and/or self-esteem sessions, new uniform/shoes/trainers etc, equipment to undertake school activities, the cost of trips and out of school activities. In addition to this, we also have used the fund to employ additional staff to support learning in class. 

The funding is annually calculated and can therefore increase or decrease depending on the cohort of children. Decreases in funding from the previous year are due to a decrease in the number of families eligible to claim free school meals and may, in part, also be due to the confusion linked to the Universal School Meals for infant children.

The progress of all children is monitored by the Senior Leadership Team and Governors. At these meetings, with the year group teaching team, the progress of every child is recorded and discussed. Further intervention strategies are considered and the effectiveness of the use of Pupil Premium money is evaluated.

During the next year we anticipate additional support will be needed to ensure that pupil premium children can access trips and clubs. We also seek ways in which we can enhance their out of school provision; particularly where pupils may demonstrate talents or abilities in areas that are difficult to support within the mainstream primary school setting.Due to the significantly small numbers of Pupil Premium children, throughout the school, we respect their privacy by not publishing additional data. However, we continue to rigorously track and monitor progress and attainment.

We are all accountable for the progress of every child and our Governors are well aware of their responsibilities. Ofsted inspections now take into account how Pupil Premium money is spent and the impact of that expenditure on the academic outcomes of each eligible child. Unfortunately the positive impact of our interventions on their well-being is not so easily measured.



PE Premium


In order to enhance our pupil's experience of PE, we receive additional funding to support the teaching of sport but also to increase access to sporting activities. This was as a result of the Olympic Games 2012 and the desire for a sustainable legacy.

Within our school, we firstly evaluated our own skills and knowledge of each sport and thought about the additional equipment we needed to teach these games/skills to a higher standard. For the sports that were identified by staff are requiring more support, we have employed specialist coaches over the last few years. 

The coaches have been working alongside class teachers to enable both the children and the staff to acquire new skills and knowledge. The sports covered thus far are: tag rugby, netball, multi skills, hockey, cricket, dodge ball, dance, tennis and gymnastics.

Our plan is that our pupils receive high-quality PE sessions delivered by professionals with an enthusiasm for their subject.  In doing this, we have started Positive Play sessions at lunchtime to help the older pupils set up and run various games in their capacity as Play Leaders.

Our aim is to ensure that all of our equipment is of good quality and stored correctly, and that our staff are confident and knowledgeable to teach a wide range of sports, so that every child is inspired to get fit and stay healthy throughout their lives.