School Policies

Parents Meeting Children from School

You are asked to park in the High Street only and not in the school lane or playground for Health & Safety reasons. The car park of The Vine opposite the school is now closed as the pub is being renovated. You are welcome to wait in the playground near to the school building. A member of staff is at the gate at the end of school to see children are collected safely. Parents of younger children in Class 1may collect them from the classroom. We try to encourage the children to be independent.
Please do not bring dogs or scooters into the school grounds. If a child wishes to bring a bicycle to school the family needs to send in a written request. Cycling is not permitted inside the grounds.
Children are welcome to use the adventure playground equipment after school as long as an adult supervises them.
Smoking is not allowed anywhere within the school grounds

Jewellery is inappropriate in school. However, if your child has pierced ears, plain studs may be worn. All jewellery must be taken off for P.E. (We advise leaving it at home on P.E. day). The school does not take responsibility for any earrings or jewellery that are lost at school. A watch may be worn provided the child is responsible for it.

Any funds requested for school purposes should be brought in a clearly marked envelope and handed into the office. The school cannot take responsibility for any unmarked envelopes or loose change.

Helping In School
There are many activities at school for which we welcome parents' help. This may be on a regular basis or done on a short-term basis to assist with a particular topic or piece of work. You do not have to be an expert and you will not be asked to do anything that you do not feel confident about. If you can help, please tell your child's class teacher. All people who work in the school must be police checked a s a matter of course if working alone with a group of children. We also request that all visitors to the school sign in to the entry book in the office when you both arrive and depart. The tasks you might help with could be needlework, cookery, reading, artwork or offering to accompany a group on an educational trip. We are always grateful for the help you offer us as it enables us to provide a wider range of activities to our children.

Home/School Partnership Agreement
This agreement is a list of what parents can expect from the school, followed by the school's expectations of parents. Parents are invited to sign the agreement together with the school and the child. It may be viewed by downloading it.

Homework is an activity which is shared between children and parents outside the school day, to enhance children's learning. The amount of homework children receive will depend on which Key Stage they are in. To view the school's Homework Policy please click here.

Pastoral Care
Children are encouraged to approach their own teacher if they are worried about anything, and a close liaison is maintained between home and school to ensure early relief of their fears. The children may of course approach any member of staff, and we are always glad to listen sympathetically.
If you have any occurrence e.g. a death or illness in the family which may unsettle your child and affect their work, we ask you to notify us. We can often help children should they wish to talk about it or need reassurance. Anything you tell us will of course be treated in the strictest confidence.
If you wish for the school to administer any medicine for your child you must fill in a form. This form is available here. We should like to emphasise that parents are welcome in school at any time, to see the children's work, or to discuss problems or worries they may have, either with the class teacher or the Headteacher. However, unless in an emergency, the start of the day is better used as an uninterrupted time for staff and children.


Please contact the Office or send a letter in to explain the absence of your child by 9am.
We have to keep a strict record of non-attendance, and the number of unauthorised absences must be reported annually. If your child is going to be late please ring the office stating a time when they should arrive.

Voluntary Contributions
Parents may be asked to make voluntary contributions for any visits or journeys organised by the school and approved by the Governors. Although the matter of a voluntary contribution will not be a factor in deciding whether a pupil is allowed to participate in such an activity, the level of voluntary contributions may be a factor in deciding whether the activity can take place.

Complaints Procedure
The l988 Education Act requires all schools to follow a complaints procedure, full details of which are available in the office. There are three stages in the procedure. 1. Informal discussion with teaching staff and Headteacher. 2. Formal complaint to the Governing Body. 3. Formal complaint to the L.E.A