School Uniform

School Uniform

Our uniform is designed to be practical for young children while creating a sense of 'belonging' and pride.

Uniform  items may be purchased from suppliers and local stores such as Tescos, Sainsbury, Mothercare, marks and Spencers.

Items with the school logo including polo shirts, sweatshirts and cardigans, tee shirts, coats, fleeces, bookbags and school bags may be purchased from Trutex in Dicot - please use the web link for further information.

Our School Association also organise the sale of second hand unfiorm which is in good condition and reasonably priced.

Please make sure ALL items of clothing, PE kit, bags, and other equipment is named -  sorting out the lost and found items takes a lot of time and can cause distress!

To view and order our uniform click here

Our uniform items are:

Trousers, skirts, cullottes or pinafore dress: Navy or grey. In the summer school shorts ( not sport shorts) many be worn.

Shirt, blouse or polo shirt: white

Sweatshirt or cardigan - navy or with Long Wittenham logo

Girls' Summer Dresses: Blue/white check or stripe

Shoes: these should be sensible school shoes, preferably black or blue with a low heel and have either laces or a strap across the top of the foot. In the summer, school sandals may be worn but again these should be sensible and children and parents need to be aware of the dangers of tripping or of stubbing toes! Trainers are only to be worn for sport.

Children in Class 1 also have 'indoor shoes' which are plimsolls or similar.

Socks/ tights: white or navy

Children also need a suitable coat - again please make sure it is named!

PE Kit: This is required by all children

It should be in school EVERYDAY in a named drawstring bag ( rucksacks are too large for our small cloakrooms).

T-shirt - plain white

Shorts: Plain black/ navy – no logos

Leggings/ Jogging trousers: Plain navy or black

Sweatshirt or jogging top (for outdoor PE in cold weather): plain blue or black

Trainers or plimsolls to be worn outdoors.

We appreciate this may involve some initial expense, but in the long term we feel it will be cost effective and convenient. It  also makes the morning decision of what to wear a little easier!

Hair accessories

If hair needs to be tied back please use dark coloured simple hair bands or hair ties.


We do not expect jewellery, other than a watch, to be worn. The school has to adhere to its Health and Safety Policy and the wearing of an earring or any other jewellery poses a threat to the safety of not only your child but also all other children. This policy is no different to other schools in the Didcot area including St Birinus and Didcot Girls.
The only acceptable jewellery is the stud and that must be removed or covered with a plaster by the child themselves before any PE session.

The school does not take responsibility for any earrings or jewellery that are lost at school.

Forest School for All Children

The children will also require waterproof clothing, wellies and extra warm clothes in the colder months on their Forest School visit days.